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Sunday, March 02, 2008

EDDIE MURPHY Eddie Murphy has done several movies wherein he plays several roles, and its gotten to the place where he is playing the Mother, the Father, the's got an ego, or the idea of "incest" has never crossed his mind. Still, he could do a neat turn in David Gerrold's novella, THE MAN WHO FOLDED HIMSELF , that Mobius strip/Klein bottle exercise in writing where everyone in the book is the same set of genes.

Take it a bit hundred little blue Eddies, one female blue Eddie. Eddie Smurfy.

God, I hope no one in Hollywood ever hears of this idea...

Written before MEET DAVE, another Hollywood Bomb. THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH. I guess Eddie Murphy has become the Ed Wood of actors.  Or he's a guaranteed tax write off. 

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