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Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'M A HOMOSEXUAL NECROPHILIAC SAID TOM IN DEAD ERNEST...predestination is the process of belief that you are going to hell without ever doing anything enjoyable to give you the real status of going there...Fandom is going to hell...slowly and painfully he leapt to his feet...Harlan Ellison says he discovered America and he doesn't want an argument...what is it that mummies do for fun?/they take off their wraps/ and rot in the sun...Look! An angry young writer? can you tell?...he's beating a dead horse and belaboring the obvious...Did you see what he said?...did you hear what I wrote?... Bang! Bang! and three shots rang out...H.P.Lovecraft's AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS has been optioned for a movie. Expect changes. It will be a musical, and there will be a rock band, and if they can swing the rights, a few hobbits...there's a new way to kill rats. Give them 300 no calories sodas and wait a few years...the process by which rights are acquired by Disney is becoming a trifle bizarre: they can use public domain material, and obtain logos and trademarks to the characters and no one can use these visualizations without being sued. I'm looking forward to their musical variation of Marquis deSade. The toys ought to be real spicy numbers.


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