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Sunday, September 09, 2007


Kitty cats got no reason
kitty cats got no reason
kitty cats got no reason
to live

They got ugly looking heads
and stupid looking eyes
and their sandboxes
are crawling
with great big flies
they got ugly little noses
and nasty little teeth

they shed lotsa hair
with each step of their nasty little fet

Kitty Cats aren't the same as you and I
(I know, do I)
All creatures will say
Till the day they die
It's a wonderful world
That we do have

But kitty cats got no reason
Kitty cats got no reason to live---

They got ugly little legs
And are happily so low
you can step on them
instead of sayin' hello
they got ugly little voices
goin "yow yow yow"

And ugly little tails
And almost no mind
Ya wanna kill them
Every time

Well, I don't want no cats
I don't want no kitty cats
Don't want no kitty cats
Around here!


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