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Sunday, May 03, 2015

More automotive hell

And an update, at long last. The Honda Civic was abandoned as junk after the radiator stopped working. There was no flow of the water and fluid in it, and it would overheat in about five minutes. Of course, this meant I had to use the Beast, which is a large clunky Subaru With its own set of problems.  

   For example, the battery died on it. Now, there is one thing about this car that was not noticed before. When the battery is gone, the brakes and steering wheel will not work.  Giani decided it needed to be towed to Admiral Tires for repair. (There were other things wrong with it).  She set up the tow strap hitched up her car  And not finding a lock on the Subaru, clipped the tow rope to the rack on the car top. I was in the towed car. Let's just say it was trauma.  We reached Dover and the rack was yanked apart.



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