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Saturday, August 03, 2013


I had some bad cars. One used to shake and shimmy after the ignition kay was turned off. A few shudders, smoke  emitted from the exhaust and a loud pop were the results.

Another car had the headlights fail randomly while driving,. In order to get them back on, you had to slam on the brakes.

One car drove very well during the day, but would stall curing the night.  This was because the amperage was low and the battery was dying. 

One car was towed to a shop, and I was told it would never run again. I got a new car (sort of new) after that. Months later, I keep seeing that "dead" car on the road. It easy enough to identify.

I have gone to to a mall, misplaced the vehicle,  and found my car, not so much by visuals, but from the bad smell it was emitting. 

I could tell you in sign language how much I hated these cars.


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