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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Sue me Lindsay Loham

Sue Me. Sue me.

For saying things already known.

Sue me. Sue me.

You can’t stay sober in a bar.

Its a wonder you got this far.

Sooo famous and rich.

You qualify as an “A” list bitch.

Sue me. Sue me.

Caught on camera stealing stuff

You thought you’d give that a whirl.

You ain’t no mean girl

Your ego is riding  big

But you’re just a tabloid fodder pig. 

Freaky Friday was your best, 

Those laurels are now dead and at rest

‘cause chugging down that wine

Gives you the courage to take that drive

going home DUI.

Have a fender bender

the police will arrive.

 Sue me, sue me.

Sue me Lindsay Lohan

Because you ask the officers again and again,

“Don’t you know who I am?”

Sue me Lindsay Lohan.

I can’t let this go,

You’re stoned on your fame

I want you to sue me

So I can have some of the same.

Sue me. Sue me.

Sue me Lindsay Lohan.

Robert Whitaker Sirignano

24 August 2011

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