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Sunday, October 21, 2007

from the book EYE MIND, by Paul Drummond, which was about THE 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS and ROKY ERIICKSON)... page jaw dropped when I read the following..."Having joined a psychotherapy class for a few weeks Roky enrolled in the prison band. ...Roky started a rock band and called in The Missing Links. Roky was backed by truely crazed and sick individuals. Roky's new friends, Frank Walcott, second guitar, (shot and killed his mother father and sister while high on glue...), Charles Hefley, bass (raped a policeman's daughter, stabbed her with a screwdriver and killed her two infant sons by throwing them in the Trinity River; he later won the custody of his own two children and disappeared and is still at large), a deaf tambourine player (participated in the rape and murder of a twelve year old Houston boy and stuffed his body into an abandoned refrigerator) and a drummer (who shot and killed an impound clerk after his car was improperly towed)....recreation director Jack Ball and an attendant Jack Priest (on pedal steel guitar) accompanied them to shows at high school proms, festivals rodeos and three television appearances...

I wish I could see any VHS tapes of these shows....I also did a review of the book for AMAZON.COM which you can probably Google and read and look over my other reviews. This is a shameless plug.


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