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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Leo does "Spider Man"

Hope this takes....

It is  11 seconds of Leo crawling up the walls.

If the link does not work, click onto YouTube and the title is "Leo climbs the walls".

I need to more of this kind of stuff, but the dogs aren't co operating.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I went into a Border's Book store the other day and didn't buy anything. I saw things I could buy, but every time I looked at a title I had my mind's eye flash on a book I hadn't read.

There are some rules about books I've accepted over the years: if it is Stephen King, you don't need to buy it. It will be in a thrift store for a dollar in a few months. You don't need a limited edition hardcover. If you read it, it lowers the value. So buy a paperback and underline all the good stuff. No one recalls the average best seller ten years later.

I read Ira Levin's ROSEMARY'S BABY recently. The thing was born with horns? In all the animal kingdom, mammal offspring do not grow horns and claws in vitro. Oh well , so much for logic.

Also recently bought another "new" car. It get thirty five miles to a gallon. As opposed to a Hummer, which gets eight miles per gallon and compensates you for your small penis.

Both WALL E and HELLBOY II are good films. Sure to be nominees for The Hugo Awards, and both have solid stories sought after in SF films by its fanboys. WALL E does spend a lot of time exploring SF cliche's that were beaten to death in Hugo Gernbeck's AMAZING STORIES (late 1920's), and examined in E. M. Forester's THE MACHINE STOPS. What's new is the presentation and format. HELLBOY II can be looked at for its storyline, informativeness, special effects and promises of another film. Just think of it as a Harry Potter movie without those creepy kids, and its J.K.Rowling's long nightmare. Hellboy has a TV on and it seems to be a fragment of a POLICE ACADEMY. Ron Perlman was in #7.

I read GEEK magazine. After the above paragraph, could you need not guess? I also read FORTEAN TIMES and SFX. WIRED AND ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY are also avidly read in the house.

I buy three newspapers a day. We have four dogs.


We have learned that if you feed chickens something the egg flavor is altered.

We spent some time trying to find cheap inexpensive proteins to feed chickens. I would visit a restaurant and take home a bucket of fish guts. Boil it up, cool it off and feed it to the chickens.

All the hens were laying an egg a day on that diet. We wound up with many dozens.

Gave some to my mother for a few weeks. She asked me to stop.

"Your father says they taste like fish..." she said.


Catch the attention of a small kid between three and six and inform him/her he/she should take some action, because in a few years the North Pole will melt and there will be no more Santa, and the elves and all the Reindeer are going to drown and die.

There will be no more Christmas, no more Christmas presents, no more Rudolph.

Tell them to go to their parents and hold marathon temper tantrums. Tell them to scream loudly.

Tell them to hold their breath till they turn blue.

Tell them to pick up the phone and call the White House for them and tell them to cry and shriek. Call congressmen and Senators too. They shouldn't miss this either.

Tell them we didn't intend for this to happen, and that starting somewhere is better than not starting at all.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We have about ten chickens. Every day, we get about eight to ten eggs.

So currently, we are ahead by about six dozen eggs.

The geese stopped laying eggs, thankfully.

Now we have stopped enjoying eggs. Perhaps we ought to consider variations of the way to prepare eggs.

Hard boiled.


sunny side up.

Hard boiled and diced in scrambled eggs.

Hard boiled, yolk removed and filled with scrambled.

Mixed all together.

Mixed all together and thrown in a blender.

Mixed all together and thrown in a blender and then given to dogs. This works. The dogs are always enthusiastic.

We will not discuss Spam. That is the kind of food you eat once and almost enjoy and never look back.

(I keep telling my wife, if we want to clean to floor, just rub the floor with bacon fat and eggs. The dogs will take care of the rest. She keeps looking at me with this weird stare... )