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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

IN THE POSTAL ZONE: going postal

Again, I note drivers are leaving this plant wiith a large 53 foot trucks and coming back the same way: the truck is empty. Someone should have discovered the use of a phone call in order to save money. It costs about $150.00 one way, what with tolls, gas, employee salery, etc.

But I have come up with good ideas. I once proposed using computers and designs to speed up mail processing to a postal official, I was told "Computers are a passing fad."  This was 1984. 

I have concluded a good idea to the post office seems somehow wrong, and all the other stupid  ideas must be examined before management will try the obvious  good one.

Luddites are not forever in the USPS. Each year the employees are replaced with other Luddites, but they are more porgressive. It'll be a long time before they reach today.


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